QFT Ingredients has earned a solid reputation for trustworthiness and reliability.

We are supplying an extensive range of dairy ingredients.
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Malaysia's Finest Milk Powder Selection

Unveiling the Richness and Versatility of Milk Powder.
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Fuel Your Performance with Whey Protein

Unleash Your Strength and Recovery Potential with Whey Protein Concentrate.
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About Us

Dairy Ingredients Solution Provider

Welcome to QFT Ingredients, your trusted specialist in marketing food ingredients for the food and beverage industry in Malaysia and Singapore.

As a company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, we have been proudly serving our customers since 2022, consistently reaching out to them and proactively providing the high-level support and advice they need.
What We Do

Comprehensive Range of Dairy Products

Our distinct expertise lies in being an efficient dairy ingredients solution provider, with an extensive network of vendors around the world for dairy sourcing.

Our customer base spans a wide range of industry segments, including bakeries, confectionery, dairy and yogurt, ice cream, dietary supplements, baby food manufacturing, and more.

Transform Your Recipes with Top-Grade Milk Powder

Experience the richness and quality of our premium milk powder products at QFT Ingredients.